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Authors wanted

I’m looking for a number of guest authors to write topical content on medicine and healthcare related subjects.

Guest authors wantedWhat will you, the content provider, gain from this?

  • Visibility and exposure
  • Traffic through attribution and links back to your blog/website/twitter
  • New readers who wouldn’t normally find out about your blog/website/twitter

Will you still own the content?

  • Your content and your name remain yours, however, we do ask that all guest authors do not reproduce content provided to us, word-for-word, elsewhere online. We ask this because many search engines such as Google will remove websites, or reduce the Page Rank of cross-domain websites with duplicate content.

medicalstudentblog.co.uk received in its first month 6,531 visits, now, half way through our second month we’ve had 3,274 and hope to gradually increase our traffic, month-by-month. If you would like to see this traffic and visbility shared with your own website/twitter and feel you could contribute content by becoming a guest author, please send me an e-mail outlining the proposed article to, dawson@medicalstudentblog.co.uk

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