How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft


Fishing rods are the essential tools in the Minecraft world. It is an important vessel for hunting down fish and for other crucial aspects. This method is the simplest for creating fishing rod especially for survival mode.

For crafting fishing rod, you must have  three sticks and two strings. The strings can be found from the piece of cloth and sticks can be achieved through any log.

Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Before crafting any sort of item, you need to switch to the crafting menu. You have to open the 3×3 dimension grid after opening the crafting table.

On the 3×3 dimension grid in the crafting table, you have to fill in the desired item to create the fishing rod. In the first row, you have to leave the first two grids empty, putting a stick in the third. While in the second row, you can add stick in the middle and string in the third grid, leaving the first empty. Finally, in the third row put the stick in the first and string in the last grid, sparing the middle.

After you’ve placed all items correctly by following the pattern. Now you can get the fishing rod in the result box, which can be placed in your inventory.

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