Podcasting And Subscription Only Content


One way to attract subscribers is by offering special freebies. Podcasting can be one way to provide unique content as a free offer for those who subscribe.

The difficult part is finding that unique content that is suitable for podcasting. The content needs to be of benefit to subscribers otherwise they will not agree to sign up. Repeating content that already exists on your pages, or copying content from other sites will not enhance your reputation nor bring you new subscribers.

It is possible to use existing content that can be expanded upon for podcasting. Interviews, particularly with technicians or other suitably qualified people can bring new perspectives to products, particularly those that require regular maintenance, servicing or have upgrade options.

Explaining in detail the step by step guide to performing any of these services can be a real attraction for new subscribers. Regular visitors are also likely to subscribe so they too can get their hands (or ears) on this material. Podcasting requires a little in the way of lateral thinking since the spoken word is different to the written word.

Find content for podcasting that is both different to what you have on your site and at the same time of real use to your visitors can be difficult, however if you can achieve it you may see a substantial increase in your subscribers.

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