togel online -Retains World Record for Largest Online Tournament


The world’s two biggest poker sites were at war this weekend. Both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker attempted to break the current world record for the largest ever online tournament. Pokerstars currently held the tiltle by breaking the previous record last year in an event that featured an $11 buy-in and attracted 35,000 online runners.

Last week Full Tilt Poker announced its intention to break that record with a special massive tournament to wrap up its “FIVE” promotions – a celebration of the site’s fifth birthday. Full Tilt’s event was set for Sunday, July 19th and featured a $5 buy-in and generous overlays.

Just days later, PokerStars decided to make an attempt to keep its own record intact! Stars scheduled its own tourney to take place about an hour before the scheduled attempt at Full Tilt. The togel online tourney, called ‘Guinness World Record’ had a lower buy-in of just $1. Initially, the PokerStars tournament did not have a cap on the number of players allowed to enter, but eventually a cap was set at 65,000! Massive!

When Full Tilt neglected or declined to remove the 50,000-player cap from its world record tournament, this battle was pretty much over already. Both events sold out in quick time and the previous world record was broken by a long margin. PokerStars, the holder of the old record, will retain the record with a new mark of 65,000 online runners — almost double the previous record!!

High Stakes Rail Update

The PLO tables this week have had lots of action from some of the top online pros. Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin is off to an amazing start to this month, already up nearly $1 million in just a few days. Cole South has showed no signs of breaking his upswing, banking nearly half a million in the last few days.

The $200/400 PLO tables have been home to most the online action. Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin has been the biggest beneficiary with most of it coming from Gus Hansen. Griffin scooped a large pot when the table was three-handed, luckexpress10 being the third player in addition to Hansen. Griffin had the button and raised to $1,610. In small blind luckexpress10 called and Hansen 3bet to $6,650 from the big blind. Griffin and luckexpress10 both called and the flop came 6c2d8d. It was checked to Griffin who bet $20,160, luckexpress10 folded and Hansen called. 6h came on the turn and Hansen shoved in the rest of his stack of $56,000. Griffin called all in for just over $42,000 and showed ThTd6d2c while Hansen showed AdAsTc8h. The river was 7h and Griffin won the pot of  $146,000with sixes full of deuces.

Griffin got the best of Hansen again shortly after. Griffin, on the button, raised to $1,610, Hansen 3bet to $5,440 from the small blind. Luckexpress10 folded and Griffin called. The flop came TcAs4s and Hansen check-called a bet of $11,490 from Griffin. The turn came 6c and Hansen led out for the pot of $34,470. Griffin shoved for $52,448 and Hansen called with Ac8c9h5s for multiple draws and top pair, while Griffin tabled Ad6d7d7s for two pair. The river was 3d and Griffin dodged all of Hansen’s outs to scoop the $139,365 pot.

Cole South ended July on a high note and has on his upswing so far in August. Playing heads up $200/400 PLO with Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, South won a few pots to book a winning session. One of the biggest hands in the session saw South open to $800 and Sahamies 3bet to $2,400. South called and the flop came Jc7sAc. Sahamies bet $4,800 and South raised to $13,200. Sahamies then 3bet to $44,800 and South shoved all in while Sahamies called with AsTc9s8 for top pair, a wrap, and a flush draw. South tabled KhQcTs4c for straight draws and a higher flush draw. The turn came 5c to give South the better flush, sending the $108,000 pot his way.

Another big hand hand between the two went five bets pre-flop. Each stuck in $34,220 to see a 4s9s5c flop. Ziigmund shipped it in for about $47,000 and South called all in for slightly less. Ziggy had KcKs8h6c and South 6s3s5d2d. Fourth street was the 8c but South hit gin when the 3h came on the river!

Who’s Up, Who’s Down

So far this week’s biggest winners:

Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin (+$790,264)

Cole South (+$651,273)

This week’s biggest losers:

DIN_FRU (-$640,673)

Gus Hansen (-$510,339)

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond (-$555,361)

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies (-$443,564)

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