Your Weekend Should Sound Like This


Hello. This is what I think your weekend should sound like. I guess. Now go get in some trouble. Oh, and I didn’t include anything from the new Beachhouse album because that album is for what your summer should sound like. Put it on repeat. I guess.

Woody Guthrie, “This Land Was Made For You and Me”

Woody Guthrie was a badass. He used to write “This machine kills fascists” on his guitar. I used to copy him and write it on my surfboard. It’s not widely known, but this song is actually a protest song. It was written in response to “God Bless America.” The original had a few extra-radical lines that were later taken out. You can find that version on YouTube as well, but there is no footage involved.

There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me;

Sign was painted, it said private property;

But on the back side it didn’t say nothing;

This land was made for you and me.

Dino Desi and Billy, “The Rebel Kind”

I couldn’t find any live footage of this but the song is amazing. It’s for the 14-17 crowd that hates their parents and shit like that. That’s when weekends were really important.

Nirvana, “Territorial Pissings” live on Johnathan Ross

This is the full version of the performance that’s used in the old Nirvana VHS Live!! Tonight!! Sold out!! They’re performing on Johnathan Ross in the UK. The story goes that they sound-checked with the friendly song Lithium, then decided to play this nasty angry version of Territorial Pissings two minutes prior to performing. That’s why the camera cuts are all off and going crazy. I used to watch this every day.

The Girls, “Oh Boy”

Now I watch this one every day. It makes me cry. This is my favorite band right now. I have a huge crush on the singer, Christopher Owens.

The Monks, “Monk Chat”

The Monks were American GI’s stationed in Germany who started a band. They were trying to be anti-Beatles. They wore all black and shaved the tops of their heads off. I really Translation Agencies UK shave my head. Like bald. But I’m too scared to do it.

GOD, “My Pal” (1988)

Aussie teenage ’80s punk rock. That young little singer dude even has braces. I was kinda hoping that the next NSSA finalists at Huntington this year looked like this band.

Bad Brains, “Attitude”

There’s tons of better footage of Bad Brains but HR never looked cooler than he did in this clip. The way he’s dressed and those dance moves at :40 are amazing. I love this clip.

Miles Davis, 10 minutes of his Isle of Wight performance

This is Miles during his electric improv experimental period that most jazz critics loathe. Kinda like when Bob Dylan plugged in. This performance is very similar to the Bitches Brew album, which is amazing. They asked him what the name of this hour-long song was after he performed, and he said, “Call it anything.” So they did. Here’s a good miles Davis quote: “You can’t say best in any form of the arts. There is no best dancer.”

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